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SHIMIZU, Yasushi 
      Acoustical Design & Research Consultant 

During forty years, I have been working an acoustical consultation of concert halls, music facilities and so on 

and, besides, involved in research projects at Sonic Research Lab of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

and the department of Built Environment in Tokyo Institute of Technology 

as well as the Research Lab in YAMAHA Corporation.  

Then many researchers with various professional expertise kindly offered opportunities 

and projects to collaborate with me.  I am so honored to working with them.

On March 2016, I retire the job in Tokyo Institute of Technology.  

I really appreciate all the colleagues, whom I worked with so far.  

Now and then I, as an independent acoustical research and acoustical consultation provider, 

would like to continue offering an advice-based consultation service out of the expertise and knowledge with me.

Let me involved in the projects if I can provide any assistance and consultation since now.